Why Choose Omnitek?

Exceptional Service

If there’s something that might be better than the quality of our work, it’s our service. We pride ourselves in the ability to meet your needs with personal attention instead of an assembly line.

We are available for personal consultations on case design and shade selection.

If you can easily say you are happy with your current lab, then you’ll be even happier with us!

“Reliable Turnaround!”

We provide complementary pick-up and delivery for our clients. As soon as we receive your case, it immediately begins production and your delivery date is confirmed.

Although quality cannot be rushed, all work is normally finished with a 7 business day turnaround and are happy to rush a case if needed

Quality Craftsmanship

We consistently receive compliments for our quality and for the consistency of our quality. We are driven by precision. Re-makes are almost non-existent and each case seats with little or no chairside adjustment.

With microscopic finishing, the finest materials, advanced in-lab techniques, we consistently have precise margins, proper contours, correct shading and life-like restorations.

No-Fault Guarantee

Every one of our restorations is guaranteed to fit and function in the mouth to your complete satisfaction. If the case fails for any reason within 1 year of the delivery date, we will repair or re-make it free of charge.

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